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Jersey Tactical Corporation is the home for all your law enforcement and Military needs from: Breaching Tools, Forcible Entry Tools, to Tactical Training.

Because JTC’s innovative and patented Breaching Tools and Forcible Entry Tools perform the role of many other tools combined, they will help you eliminate unnecessary weight, expense, and logistics.

At Jersey Tactical, our mission is to provide innovative products and ideas to local, state, and federal law enforcement, fire, emergency services and military professions utilizing effective efficient life saving designs.

"We can buy you the most expensive gear and rifle in the world and send you to the best training in the world but if you can not get in you can not save lives period"




Jersey Tactical is the home of many great inventions that are saving lives and making Breaching operations easier than baking cake.  Our premier breaching tool is the JTC CLAW.  The JTC CLAW does the job of over 20 Breaching and Forcible Entry tools such as:

Forcible Entry Tool, Halogen, Sledge Hammer, Pry Bar, Window Rake, Lock Pick, E-Tool, Battering Ram, Axe and many more all in one tool!

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Just wrapped up a great women's pepper spray course tonight at therapeutic fitness in POINT PLEASANT thank you to Roger the owner for hosting this. Great group of women they crushed out everything from practice to level III EXPOSURES awesome job TEAM!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Wasp killer sprays 30ft

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Spectator cell video from OTOA 2017 of the SAFETY demo on the GEN III Jersey Cuffs and showing live with attendees in person at the Jersey Tactical Corp booth. This demo was done hundreds of times in 2 days in order to put our money where our mouth is and show everyone why we have over a DECADE invested inventing the worlds greatest disposable restraint ever!!! Watch this demo as officers in attendance pull as hard as they can are unable to cut the circulation off of the Patented Utility and Design Jersey Cuff. We thank all of the OHIO officers, Troopers, Corrections, Federal Agents, and detectives that have provided amazing positive feedback on the Free T&E samples provided to them at the OTOA Conf. Thank you for support of JTC and the 100% MADE in the USA GEN III Jersey Cuff.
(NOTE: This was a demo at a show as per our instructions and for safety all subjects should be secured with the hands behind their backs for many safety factors).
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Richmond swat first time this officer EVER used a claw. Opened a hotel door with three locks. Watch the whole video. This was in the beginning of the course. At the end of the day we set every one free on a whole floor and they opened every thing on the floor with speed and dynamic breaching. Very impressive considering many of these doors could be rammed open because the whole steel stud wall was flexing on your strikes. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE REAL DOORS REAL LIFE REAL PROBLEMS!!! THIS IS WHAT SEPARATES JERSEY TACTICAL CORP. FROM OUR COMPETITORS. SOME PEOPLE ARE SALESMEN "WE R BREACHERS"
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Mike Scott

Um. Bust though the drywall!