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"We can buy you the most expensive gear and rifle in the world and send you to the best training in the world but if you can not get in you can not save lives period"




A great job by the NYC Sheriffs Office at yesterday's live fire active shooter course during a full day of pouring rain. These guys went from doing nothing but a standard static qual for their exposure to the topic to shooting on the move and attacking direct threat. Awesome job brothers for your first time ever. ... See MoreSee Less

Jersey Tactical Corporation News Feed shared JTC Active Shooter Patrol Kit's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Rutgers PD officer completing PATROL JTC active shooter course. Prefect example of why a breaching back pack will not work for this mission. Imagine trying to compete this course with 50 lb breaching course strapped to you plus your gear and a patrol rifle!!!

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Finished the JTC live fire PATROL active shooter course. Gents great job today in the pouring rain all day. ... See MoreSee Less

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