At Jersey Tactical, our mission is to provide innovative products and ideas to local, state, and federal law enforcement, fire, emergency services and military professions utilizing effective efficient life saving designs.

"We can buy you the most expensive gear and rifle in the world and send you to the best training in the world but if you can not get in you can not save lives period"



Jersey Tactical is the home of many great inventions that are saving lives and making Breaching operations easier than baking cake.  Our premier breaching tool is the JTC CLAW.  The JTC CLAW does the job of over 20 Breaching and Forcible Entry tools such as:

Forcible Entry Tool, Halogen, Sledge Hammer, Pry Bar, Window Rake, Lock Pick, E-Tool, Battering Ram, Axe and many more all in one tool!



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THE 1 AND ONLY ORG. JERSEY BOOT!!!! Doing a demo on how to crush double pane reinforced glass for bangs etc. Via dynamic entry, forcible entry.
The Boot was designed and invented by us to be the answer to the crippling 60 lb Breacher pack that does not work. At 25 lbs and 26" in overall length it is the greatest rescue/multi use tool available period. If you're doing a lot of mobile mansions and R1 structures nothing compares. Watch as the foot print of our invention eliminated the double pain glass. Let me see u do this with a glass break system. Not to mention after bang deployed your crushing the door for the breach.
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Using JTC Clay Stakes to work on precision marksmanship crushing AA flyers off hand no magnification at the 50 get some of that.
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Wrapping a demo for Harris Publications on the JTC Drive Drill.
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breacher tool challenge video

active shooter patrol kit video

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