Let Jersey Tactical Corporation assist your agency with their training needs on the following topics:

  • Forcible Entry for the Patrol Officer.
  • Train the Trainer Forcible Entry For Patrol.
  • Advanced forcible entry for the ESU/SWAT operator.
  • Active Shooter Patrol Response.
  • NJ Mandatory AG Annual Active Shooter training.
  • Tactical Handgun.
  • Tactical Rifle/Subgun.
  • Criminal Interdiction for the Patrol Officer.

Contact us for a quote or to request customizing to your needs. JTC will travel to your location to complete all of the above listed modules and will provide your agency with an additional Insurance Rider for said blocks of instruction by our professional staff. All courses will result in a certificate of completion being issued to all students who complete the blocks of instruction.

In an effort to go Green, JTC no longer accepts faxes. All inquiries can be scanned and or emailed to sales@jerseytactical.com