JTC AR 500 IPSC B/C Zone Steel Targets


JTC Steel Targets – steel reactive rifle targets that do not break at the welds and have a long life span.  BEST STEEL REACTIVE TARGET PERIOD.

The JTC Steel Target can be purchased on this page or from one of our Distributors, which can be found on our DISTRIBUTORS page.


JTC AR 500 IPSC B/C Zone Steel Targets

JTC has decided to make JTC AR 500 IPSC B/C Zone Steel Targets, steel reactive rifle targets, that will do the following because once again we are tired of the current products that do not work, break at the welds, only have a short life span and frankly simply fail.

  • 100% USA MADE !!!
  • 100% USA STEEL !!!
  • Designed to be assembled in seconds with no screws or bolts.
  • 1/2 Inch custom JTC AR 500 hardened USA STEEL for the target (others use 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch).
  • Target is designed to absorb a portion of the kinetic energy of the impact through movement.
  • All welds are military grade welds with a triple pass in order to assure the utter most quality you the operator demand.
  • The base is over sized to provide a stable base and prevent the target from falling over.
  • The base has stake holes drilled through it in order to allow you to stake the target to the earth in order to ensure it will never fall over during your training or if the terrain is drastically uneven where your are training.
  • The target has no hinges or soft metal bolts and or fasteners that can be shot off like our competition.
  • Color: Black