Guardian 0.75 oz Compact Keychain Unit Pepper Spray



0.75 oz Compact Keychain-1

.75oz Compact Keychain Unit: This unit is the perfect self-defense option. It is compact enough to clip on to a belt, kept hidden in a pocket, or even concealed within the palm of your own hand. It is an excellent tool to have for plain clothes and undercover officers. The Ballistic Stream Delivery System with this unit provides enough controlling force to engage 1 – 2 targets. The Ballistic Stream also gives the operator the ability to accurately pick out targets in a crowd.

0.75 oz Compact Keychain-2

Formulation: Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) combined with a Non-Flammable carrier. Guardian Protective Devices™ sprays are safe for use with Electro Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology, such as Taser™. UV dye added for easy identification, putting the subject at the scene of incidence.

OC + CS blends are available, custom blends upon request to meet your department requirements.

Safety: The twist top actuator locks in place to prevent accidental discharge during carry. Break-away keychain allows for easy access to the stored unit.

Labeling: All canister labels are wearing water-resistant and contain the following data:

  • Individualized Serial Numbers
  • Active Ingredient
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of Expiration
    Lot / Batch Number
  • Stock Number
  • Decontamination Instructions

Packaging: Department of Transportation (DOT) approved commercial packaging.