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JTC Fall Breaching Special – Free Shipping, First Come, First Serve

The JTC Twin-Ram is specifically designed to defeat heavy fortified doors and concrete block walls in situations where explosives are not authorized.

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JTC Fall Breaching Special – Free Shipping


The JTC Twin-Ram is specifically designed to defeat heavy fortified doors and concrete block walls in situations where explosives are not authorized.

  • Made from 100% USA Steel by the American Worker for the American Warrior.
  • Available in Black, Safety Yellow, Tan and Fire Engine Red.
  • The Twin-Ram breaks down from one 60 pound two-man battering ram, into two separate and fully functional 30 pound rams.
  • Perfectly balanced center carry handles sit between the two operating handles on each section.
  • The overall length when assembled is 54 inches, and the overall weight is just under 60lbs. The Twin-Ram is designed to effectively provide the operators with two options. The first option is to use the individual rams separately and independent of one another on simultaneous breach problems. The second option is to assemble the two units together, secure them in place with the red T-handled set screw, and utilize the tool as to two-man battering specifically designed to attack fortified objects.
  • One end of the Twin-Ram has a standard 5X5″ strike plate, which is found on most basic battering rams. This design and shape is used to effectively and efficiently dismantle concrete and cinder block walls in the two-man configuration by causing mass trauma to the wall material.
  • The opposite end has a specifically designed striking wedge that allows the forward (# 1) operator to direct all of the forcible manual-entry energy produced by the two Twin-Ram operators directly into the seam of the door, thus attacking the weakest link of any functioning fortified door.
  • The wedge technique for the Twin-Ram Is highly effective in tight hallways as it reduces the danger of the backswing. This is because the wedge is positioned at a 45-degree angle to the seam of the inward opening door, allowing the operators to complete multiple strikes to the target area without interfering with the entry team stacked in the hallway. The direction of the Twin-Ram wedge swing, both in one and two man configurations, Is almost parallel to the hallway walls.
  • The Twin-Ram can be effectively carried up or down a ladder or stairwell, or down a fast rope in two units (one man configuration), and then assembled in seconds to strike an Interior safe room door on any level of a target.
  • The Twin-Ram can also be taken apart in order to strike Inward opening doors where space is limited (CQB) and/or the doors of corner rooms.


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