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JTC Lever


The JTC Lever is designed to exponentially increase the prying capabilities of the JTC CLAW.

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“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” – Archimedes

JTC Lever

(JTC CLAW not included)

The JTC Lever is designed to exponentially increase the prying capabilities of the JTC Claw; a force multiple many times greater than any other manual pry tool on the market today.

  • Made from 100% USA Steel by the American Worker for the American Warrior.
  • Available in Black, Safety Yellow, Tan and Fire Engine Red.
  • The JTC Lever is the perfect tool to be used for Urban search and Rescue as well as FEMA responses.
  • The JTC Lever can be used by any operator by simply sliding it over the handle of the JTC Claw and applying the same pry angle.
  • The mounting block at the end of the JTC Lever features a small T-Handle set screw in order to prevent the the JTC Claw from slipping out so it maintains position during the pry.
  • The JTC Lever gives the operator the option to be stored fully assembled, or broken down in half depending on the storage space. The vehicle mounts will accommodate it in either configuration making it ideal for a wide range of vehicles from Strykers to HMMVs.
  • The JTC Lever has two D-rings attached to it; one at the top of the lever and one at the bottom. These points allow the operator to tie off the tool. or place a tug strap onto the loops in order to provide added mechanical horsepower to the pry operation.
  • The JTC Lever features a T-Handle at the top, which allows two operators to apply force simultaneously.
  • The JTC Lever’s sole purpose is Search and Rescue (S&R). It is designed to provide as much mechanical advantage as possible in the field during S&R operations. Removing a trapped soldier from a pile of rubble or the hulk of a vehicle after an IED explosion, or rescuing a victim from a collapsed building after a natural disaster are just two examples. It is designed to be used as an emergency tool when access to power tool, like the Jaws of Life is limited.
  • The JTC Lever maintains its structural integrity through advanced design, while staying very light in weight, on average it is approximately half the weight of a standard full length pry bar.
  • The modular, two part design of the JTC Lever, combined with the JTC Claw allows the platform to be carried easily through a debris pile without causing undue fatigue and/or injury to the operator. The JTC Lever, once assembled and applied to a pre-set JTC Claw, becomes more rigid and stronger than the average full length pry bar, yet maintains much more mobility and is significantly lighter in weight.


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