THE JTC F-CLAW is a hybrid forcible entry tool that all members of your team or Department can Effectively Use.

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  • For one it allows the Firemen to complete the baseball swing function with more force and better results.
  • It out pry’s a Halligan any day of the week the force friction door on the Youtube fire video could not be opened with a set of irons at the setting we had it at but the claw did so because of the added prying surface.
  • Non-conductive
  • Highly visible handle
  • All of you danger points (pinch points) at one end don’t have to worry about slipping onto sharp objects
  • When completing a search for victims on the floor you now have a perfectly balanced tool with no sharp edges because you’re using the butt end of the Claw to do your searching with.
  • Weighs less than your average Halligan at 10 lbs
  • Stands straight up and does not fall over
  • Larger strike area to set a pry with or break locks with so that you do not miss the strike during an emergency like happens with a small 1.5″ area of the Halligan
  • Does not roll like a Halligan when trying to use the end point on Halligan to break locks so you don’t run the risk of twisting or breaking your wrists during the strike
  • Can pull sheet rock effectively in large chunks
  • Tears through heavy plaster walls.
  • crashes through heavy cross members of old windows during brake and rake operations
  • will not ring your hands like an all steel Halligan will
  • Can manually breach class III inward opening steel doors with the Claw (multiple locks as done on SWAT Video)
  • The JTC F-CLAW out rams an ax or Halligan any day of the week
  • Wider teeth allow an end user to cut a windshield as faster or faster than a manual rescue saw
  • Can effectively chop, hammer, dig, ram, pry and other applications with the JTC-CLAW.
  • Does not transfer the extreme cold or heat to the end user through the gloves because of the material of the handles (middle of summer or winter etc).

The most common feedback we have received from the fire community is such: a great pull down tool yet still allows you to complete forcible entry, awesome for sounding a roof and again can use for entries, its like carrying a set of irons but half the weight and the number one positive feedback is its stands straight up without falling over

THIS ITEM ONLY SHIPS TO THE LOWER 48 U.S. STATES.  ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THIS AREA WILL BE CANCELLED. Orders are built upon receipt and shipped within 7 business days.


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