Chalker Sling Standoff


Chalker Sling Standoff. Jersey Tactical – Law Enforcement, Military tactical tools, training. Made by the American Worker for the American Warrior.

The Chalker Sling Standoff can be purchased on this page, calling us at (908) 995-2700, or contacting us at SALES@JERSEYTACTICAL.COM


Chalker Sling Standoff

The Chalker Sling Standoff is used with the Chalker Sling products.

  • It is imperative that a Chalker Sling Standoff is used with every weapon. Every Standoff on every weapon must be either taped or Heat Shrink used to make it permanent and not slip off.
  • Heat Shrink tubing (purchase at any hardware store) is the most secure way. Use 1/2″once standoff is secured on weapon.
  • Electrical Tape or Duct Tape works very well to secure standoff. Adjust standoff to proper length then tape.