Modular Velcro Universal Wrap Holster Kit (with 3 additional accessory holders)

$28.00 $18.00


Modular Velcro Universal Wrap Holster Kit & Accessory Holders

A velcro removable wrap Holster plus three (3) accessory holders. The wrap Holster is made out of two (2) layers of mil spec elastic webbing compared to the single layer that is found in other holsters. The accessory holders are also double layered and can hold a variety of items from double magazines (1 each), single stacks (2 in each), flashlights to multi-tools, etc.

The wrap holster is sized to be able to hold everything from BUGs and J-frame revolvers to Government model 1911s. This holster will also fit a full-size pistol with a light as shown in one of the photos; a full-size M&P with an X300 mounted.

We’ve also tested the holster to hold other accessories including an external wireless hard drive!

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